Should you choose to contribute by check, your tax deductible donation should be made out to 'American Friends of Chesed L'Orchim' ~ and mailed either to the Israeli address above, or to:

American Friends of Chesed L'Orchim
552 E 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218

*Chesed L'Orchim is Hebrew for (roughly translated) 'compassion for guests'

Either way, you should know that 100% of your donation, every penny on every dollar, goes directly toward supporting the many great works of Chesed L’Orchim. There are no administrative costs.

No doubt I speak for the Machlises when I caution you against giving what you can't afford, and no doubt I speak for myself when I encourage you to buy as big a share of the pie as you can afford. Their soup kitchen, hospitality center, etc, etc... costs them literally hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, with every penny quite well spent, and being as they would never personally request any help from anyone, I figured that I would make the attempt to do so. If you can contribute even a small amount, please do so, your share in the mitzva is assured. And if you could possibly contribute in a truly substantial way, perhaps by sponsoring a Shabbat or two, you would be engaging in something truly tremendous.

Should you have any questions about the Machlises, whether about contributing, visiting or otherwise, please don't hesitate to write (and offer your phone number if you would like me to call you back) ~ Moshe Rudner at


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