Current chatter on Mitzvas Machlis...

Well, it took some time, but heated, excited discussion on the Mavhlii is taking place. Just not here ~ but then again, not too many links face here so the page is pretty dependant on people searching "machlis" and ending up here. (Guilt note: if you have a web page of some sort and wanna post some tzedaka links, I gotta good one for you.) Anyhow, but the discussion is taking place. Check it out over at .

Someone posted a note asking if anyone had heard of the machlises and some of the group members apparently have been there quite a few times and took the opportunity to tell their stories. Truth is, I think there aren't too many folk who haven't been by the Machlises. Anyhow, I've spoken plenty about them before so I'll just leave you to check out their discussion yourself. And on the subject of discussion, please do check in at the comments here to give your own personal take on the Machlises.

And I won't leave yet another paypal link (but you know where to find it :-)

Kol Tuv,